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  • I recently purchased  Acer and Toshiba laptops. Both fail validation at the point of the yellow bar warning for ActiveX install. The anternative method results in a DNS error. The WGA diag. fails the last three checks.


    I saw another post with this error but, no published fix.


    Can you help me solve this problem?


    Below is from an Aug 1, 2007 post. This the same problem I am having.

    1. Validation required, so I click on the Continue button and a page appears that says if the ActiveX Control command is not displayed use alternate method, which I will now do.


    2. A page appears with - Run the validation tool, which will give you a code to enter in step 2. After clicking on the Contiue button a page appears that says "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". Still no luck so now I will go to the FAQ page.


    3. Now I click on validate winows which brings up a page that says "genuine validation required", so I click on the continue button, which brings up the page which says "if you don't see the ActiveX use alternate method, so I click on alternate method which brings up a page with validate now, so I click on that, which brings up a file download which it says to click on run, which I do, but after waiting for 10 minutes nothing happens, so back to FAQ page.


    4. I then find my way to the Diagnostic Site and start diagnostics and  I get what is below. After clicking on the resolve button below, it brings up the same page with "if you can't see ----- then try again, which I do, but it just keeps bring up the same thong again.  Pleeease help



    Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Results

    Passed Active scripting allowed
    Passed Display images enabled
    Passed Computer time and date correct
    Passed ActiveX enabled
    Failed Windows validation ActiveX loaded
    Failed Office validation ActiveX loaded
    Failed Validation Self-help ActiveX loaded
    Your computer is not properly configured to run the Microsoft validation process. Click Resolve Now to continue.
    Saturday, September 29, 2007 1:38 PM