Moved Server with USB drives - one no longer listed as a Storage Hard Drive RRS feed

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  • My server (HP EX470) has 4 internal 500 GB drives and 4 external 500 GB USB drives. When I moved it from the floor to a shelf, I may have swapped which USB cable was in which port. Now, the server storage tab in Windows Home Server Console lists one of the drives as a "Non Storage Hard Drive" with the option to add it enabled. The total size and free space values on the Server Storage tab are all smaller than they should be by 465.76 GB (the formatted size of the drive it thinks is not a part of storage).


    I've terminal serviced into my server, and found that all seven non-system hard drives are getting mounted properly under c:\fs. Files located on a non-duplicated share that are physically located on the drive listed as not a storage drive are accessible through the share, so it appears to be working properly as a storage drive.


    Is there any way to get the storage manager to remember that this disk is part of storage? I've tried swapping around the USB drives again and rebooted several times, but nothing has worked.


    What other options do I have to make sure my server will continue working properly?

    Thursday, December 20, 2007 4:46 AM