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  • I posted this in the software forum.  It would be very helpful to have Pocket MSN as a downloadable software for Mobile 6.0 phones.  I have a Samsung i760 smartphone.




    The question is whether there is even an option of using the Messaging to work with MSN mail, as it was with Mobile 5.0 and Pocket MSN?  Pocket MSN worked very well in allowing me to download MSN mail through Messaging.

    Is the only option now for MSN mail to use the brower and mobile.live.com?  Using mobile.live.com, I can't even view, save, or download any attachments accompanying an email.  Perhaps this is a bug, but it is obviously a business inconvenience. 


    Also, when I click on a Contact on my phone and want to send an email, I don't have the option of sending it with MSN mail (as I once did with Pocket MSN), since it only directs me to pick a Messaging email account.  I have to copy the email address, then go into Internet Explorer, go to mobile.live.com, then paste it in.  It's not streamlined and seamless as it used to be.


    The question is why Pocket MSN is not available to Mobile 6.0, as it was with Mobile 5.0?  I can understand that for marketing purposes, MSN wants to route its customers through the browser and msn homepage, but it does so at the sacrifice of practicality and convenience to the user.


    While mobile.live.com may work well for casual email users, it doesn't meet the needs of power users. I suggest making Pocket MSN a download option for Mobile 6.0, so that users can have the option to choose.  There was nothing broken about Pocket MSN, so why pull it?



    Saturday, April 26, 2008 4:59 PM

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  • Thanks for doing that shillens. 




    Saturday, April 26, 2008 6:36 PM