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  • Pictures:  I have 14.9 GB in multiple files and directories...accumulated by subject or place/trip or date and so on...and some d/led from my old computers with identifying directories and sub-directories.  Lots of trips, lots of travels, lots of memories.  Simply copied picture files at the time I bought my most recent laptop (mass dump that took forever), but have added many more files and directories (and pictures!) to my desktop since.  Thought it best to simply delete pix (directories, sub-dirs and all pictures) off the laptop and do the recopy thing, but searched around, saw SyncToy and d/led ver. 2.1 today, thinking it would work.  (Microsoft lied.)  Followed instructions, made a folder pair and tried to sync the pix on the desktop with the laptop (both on the same wireless network now), but after thousands of failures - individual files, with no reason given for failure - and SyncToy saying "successful finish but with errors," the resultant laptop files were nothing like the desktop.  Re-tried, then deleted the pair and re-tried everything again, but I end up with about 10.4 GB on the laptop (instead of the 14.9 GBs on the desktop, and directories that look nothing like the desktop.  Directories missing, and those that are there do not have all files (or sub-directories) - it's a mess.  I rate the program a failure. Apparently most people have problems of one sort or another. I guess what you get for nothing is just that - nothing.  And looking at forum closer, I see other claims of failure with similar problems and no resolutions.  Using Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium, w/SP1, and same on laptop.
    Monday, March 19, 2012 5:35 PM

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  • SyncToy has never let me down I think you are having other types of errors. Also  I think your over reacting about something that is freely given to you. This tool isn't the end all of syncing software and is more of a programming example of what you could do with the sync framework. Your needs would likely be better met by buying a commercial file syncing tool.

    Your most likely problem from reading through your wall-o-text is that your using windows 7 home premium, it's lacking basic networking functions that allow you to connect to network shares properly. Try using physical types of media like USB hard drives or thumb sticks.  You maybe even having networking issues.

    SyncTool like I mentioned before is basically an example of what could be done with the sync framework. And being basically an example program it isn't exactly programmed to handle complicated sets of errors like a commercial product would. But you could download the syncframework and build your own that can handle all the things you don't like about it :)

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:20 PM