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  • I started going through some of the threads in this blog since I have an issue with One Care; a first time user.  I usually use multiple vendors for different programs that are supposed to keep windows performing strong, and often times can go years on my computer without issue.  I'm running XP Pro and had just recently done a fresh install on my C: drive since I had a hardware failure a while back.  I decided to give One Care a try since I like the idea of having one stop shopping, and I figured being Microsoft, I should never have any issues, once I install One Care.  I was wrong.  Now I have a Pentium 4, w/ 3 gigs of RAM, which usually runs pretty fast, I have decent broadband services on internet 20down/ 5 up.  But I have to admit, since I've stated using One Care to handle my machine, it's been on a slow decline in performance.  At this point, I feel like I'm back in the Pentium 3 days.  Running task manager in the background to get an idea what's happening with my system resources, and I can see that my processor gets completely tapped out on most tasks, although my memory usage seems to be running in the normal range.  I am not one who lets a lot of programs run resident, or come up in start-up; just a few of the usuals, One care, Live Messenger, the desktop search, that's about it.  My point to this blog is this, I tried this One Care out on a fresh install of windows, kept if going throughout the trial, making sure it gets updates often, making sure that it runs scans often and now that I'm at the end of the trial, and One Care demands that I pay to play, how can I buy a program that seems to have failed me.  But in the threads I see that One care is supposed to be discontinued anyway, but my computer is running so slow, that I'm considering having to reformat and start fresh again, but does anyone have any idea what went wrong?  Is it possible that some of the regular windows updates are just reasource hogs, and it's a coinsidence that One Care was put in charge of my system at the same time? Or is that One Care is the resource hog that is tapping out my system processor and causing my system to run so slow?  I keep everything well updated.
    Thursday, August 6, 2009 11:42 AM


  • Performance degradation with OneCare running is typically an indication that something is conflicting with OneCare *if* you are seeing your CPU cycles being eaten by MSMPENG.exe, which is the scanning engine for OneCare. Any other slowdowns would not typically be due to OneCare. If, however, you uninstall OneCare and performance is suddenly back up to your expectations, we can be certain that OneCare was involved as a culprit.
    Personally, since you are running the trial, I'd probably not purchase it since, as you have found, OneCare is at end of life *and* you are experiencing performance issues while running it. Should you choose to purchase it, you'll have a year of a subscription before you need to switch to something else. If you have time left on your trial, you may want to see if Microsoft Security Essentials, the free replacement for OneCare, fits your needs. At this time the beta is closed, but I expect that it will be opened up again within this month. If I'm wrong, though, it will be released later this year, so you can use something else until then. I've used the free version of Avast with success, so that's perhaps an option for you.
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    Thursday, August 6, 2009 12:04 PM