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  • I cannot log in to my Xbox live account. My Xbox Live account "X4Z3 Fataliityz" is asking me for security proofs that I cannot provide because I cant access the email that is associated with my Xbox live account, I try to sign into my account, I put in my 4 digit password and it brings me straight to a page that is called "Add security" then says "We need the email address and password for your Microsoft account so we can check and update the security of your Xbox profile. for more info go to Xbox.com/proofs" then I click continue and it brings me straight to a screen that asks me to enter my email address, witch I do "renee.ferguson@sympatico.ca" which is already pre entered as i clicked continue "I did not type this" so I click done, then the message pops up ACCOUNT INFO "Sorry that's the wrong password or the email you entered doesn't have an Xbox Live membership. Please try again or go to Xbox.com/forgot if you need more help." ERROR CODE: 8015D002. Then I click ok, I go back to entering my email and instead of "renee.ferguson@sympatico.com" I remove the dot in between renee and ferguson and instead of bringing me to the error code message it brings me to a screen to enter in the password that goes with this email. i have tried numerous different passwords that i have used my entire life and the same message pops up every time "Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to https://account.live.com for help. then it gives me this error code. ERROR CODE: 8015D003. I have called 1 800 4myxbox and they keep guiding me through the same steps each time i call and they have led me here. this has been and on going problem for more then a couple of months. the email that is supposed to be associated with the Xbox live account was created years back and i don't know if it even exists anymore. If you have any solutions to this problem or know how to sign into my account any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    Monday, June 10, 2013 3:35 AM

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