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  • Can anyone help please

    Haing loaded windows live one care "by the book" I now find that every time I try to open internet explorer I get a box that says "windows installer" "preparing to install.

    Another box then opens which informs me that "the feature I am trying to use is on a network scource that is unavailable Click ok to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package "fssclient.msi" The default folder shows as C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\4e58aceaf8d80a1c656c505c013bd544\img\ fssclient.msi but this folder does not exist nor does the file fssclient.msi exist anywhere else

    If I click on ok I get a message that says " The path C:\windows etc.. cannot be found Verify that you have access to this location and try again or try to find the installation package fssclient.msi in a folder from which you can install the product Windows Live One Care Family safety"

    If I click Cancel then the original windows install box appears again, sometimes once, in which case I click cancel and Internet explorer opens  sometimes I have to repeat the cancel several times before it opens IE

    any attempt to uninstall family safety results in the same messages being displayed and on cancelling the message "Add remove programs, the installation scource for this product is not available, verify the scource exists and that you can access it.

    Once open internet explorer functions as well as can be expected but the issues with opening it are annoying

    Any advice please?

    Monday, April 28, 2008 11:27 AM

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  • This forum is for Windows Live OneCare, the full installed security suite, not the Windows Live OneCare Family Safety offering. Confusing, I know, but that's Microsoft with their naming conventions.

    You can obtain support for FSS here: https://support.live.com/eform.aspx?productKey=wlfamilysafety&ct=eformts



    Monday, April 28, 2008 12:41 PM

          My apologies and thank you for the redirect
    Monday, April 28, 2008 9:28 PM
  • No need to apologize - the naming conventions of the Windows Live OneCare family of products and different support avenues as well as communities or lack thereof are confusing to say the least.

    I hope that FSS Support helps you out promptly..


    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:03 AM
  • dear Jimnekrikit, did ya manage to get over the problem? i do encounter the same problem too.  until now i cant get over it.  cud u pls help me.  thanks.




    Monday, June 23, 2008 5:59 AM
  • kayrenz, contact support for FSS at the link in my first reply to this thread.



    Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:39 PM
  • Did you ever find a solution to this problem, and if so what was the solution? I have the same problem.

    Saturday, July 26, 2008 6:32 PM

    I wonder if this is AVG or TrendMicro house call that has removed something that IE7 requires to launch? 


    Some googling turned up possible malware....



    I get this too and can't fix.  Hope to hear a solution soon or I'll have to try out mozilla or something..


    Let me know if you find a solution.



    Monday, July 28, 2008 12:30 AM

    what did i do is go to add/remove program and deleted the windows live once care family safety program and i manage to get over with it :-)
    Monday, August 4, 2008 3:19 AM
  • Hi, Your help was used as I experienced exactly the same problem with fssclient.msi. I copied the above file to disc from another computer as I had already attempted to delete the OneCare file from this computer, however the file that I copied did not erase OneCare and as a last resort I attempted to delete OneCare from: Control Panel/Addd or remove programs/etc.. and Lo and Behold it worked!

    I wonder if it is the age of this computer? (Between 1 and 2 years) Another one that I have using Vista does not show problems like this?

    Many thanks anyway



    Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:34 AM
  • I think your reply to the query is a disgrace, and so unbelievable. It's the Live OneCare,, and Live OneCare Family Safety is a feature of it, so why couldn't you have answered the question - which was simply to go to and uninstall the program?


    Clicking the link you so 'helpfully' supplied was as useful as a chocolate ashtray. My daughter's computer has the crappy Vista os and she had the same problem. I was supposed to fill out a form detailing everything!


    Thankfully someone else had the good sense to post the solution, despite you.


    Install Linux boys and girls.  If you have any problems (called 'dodos', cos they're rare) at least the moderators go out their way to help and don't pass the buck.



    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 5:51 PM
  • I was not able to remove One Care from Add/Remove so I reinstalled it from here:  http://get.live.com/familysafety/overview

    Then was able to uninstall it, and problems gone.

    FYI I was using WinXP so its not just a Vista problem.  I'm suprised this isn't shutting lots of computers browsers down.  Maybe One care wants to push people to firefox?  Hopefully someone is listening in One Care that can fix the install so this can't happen in the future.




    Thursday, September 4, 2008 2:28 PM
  •  Jimkins wrote:

    I think your reply to the query is a disgrace, and so unbelievable. It's the Live OneCare,, and Live OneCare Family Safety is a feature of it, so why couldn't you have answered the question - which was simply to go to and uninstall the program?

    Despite your objections, this forum is specifically for the discussion of Windows Live OneCare - a subscription product that is paid for annually and installed on a PC. http://onecare.live.com Although the Windows Live OneCare Family Safety program shares the name, it is not a feature of that program, hence any discussion of it here is off topic. I wish that I could tell you that there was a forum dedicated to the Family Safety offering, but there is none, and the only support offered for this free program is via the web form that I supplied a link to. Uninstalling the program is not the answer, it is a workaround.


    Thursday, September 4, 2008 5:03 PM
  • I have tried to run the installer again on the INFECTED computer using a thumbdrive as well as network neighbourhood, but it keeps looking for fssclient.msi. or blocking me from the internet, says "catastrophic failure code 0x8000ffff" .  I can't uninstall it from add/remove, and it has somehow messed with my administrator status.  This is KILLING ME!!!  I have spent the best part of a saturday trying to get the #$%* back online!!!  Sorry, but I am pissed!  And why is fssclient.msi listed as Malware on most sites???!!!???

      How do I get back online?  It won't even let me start up Firefox.  Now c'mon...???  How fair is THAT???!!!

    Saturday, September 20, 2008 5:36 PM
  • try loading IE in "No-addons" mode.

    Go to Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

    Does it load correctly?

    If so close it, open IE the normal way, cancel the FSSclient dialogue box

    Click Tools>Manage Addons> Enable or disable addons

    Go through the list and disable any addons referring to Windows Live.

    hope this helps.
    Friday, March 13, 2009 3:19 PM
  • Thank you so much for your help.... I was able to delete the program and get on the ınternet wıthout any problems!

    Sunday, April 5, 2009 7:27 PM