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  • I'd like to see the team spend some time optimizing the CSS sheet used for this version of the forums as well. I'd like to see a CSS document with no comments (if there are sections that are commented out, they aren't used and shouldn't be in production). There's no reason for a client to download this extra information.

    Also, there are, when I loaded the main forums page, 108 requests for /resources/images/noicon.gif, which add up to almost 30 KB. Can we shrink that gif size, or remove it altogether?

    One last comment/question - Are there size limites to Avatars? Meaning byte size, not physical dimensions.

    From Fiddler, here are the site stats just to load the main forums page here:

    Request Count: 184
    Bytes Sent: 194,594
    Bytes Received: 653,916
    Requests started at: 10:31:53:7952
    Responses completed at: 10:32:06:8264
    Total Sequence time: 00:00:13.0311666
    HTTP/302: 3
    HTTP/200: 181
    RESPONSE BYTES (by Content-Type)
    application/javascript: 39,491
    text/javascript: 153,081
    application/x-javascript: 172,143
    text/css: 56,870
    text/x-component: 2,046
    ~headers: 65,591
    image/jpeg: 50,544
    image/png: 5,467
    text/html: 64,408
    image/gif: 8,602
    image/jpg: 35,673

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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 4:28 PM

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  • Thanks for the info and suggestions. We're working on a performance focused pass for our next update. Minifying JS, CSS and so on are going to be part of that. We'll also be looking in to what we can do to reduces the number of GET's the page actually does on the initial load.

    I will have to check on the avatar size question, off hand I don't know what the max upload size is. We only keep a "small" and "large" version that is created server side upon upload.
    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 8:59 PM