Attempting to delete Work Item Alerts throwing exception - "Failed to unsubscribe from alert 99" RRS feed

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    Currently I am trying to set up a team in TFS and have been messing around with a bunch of different settings and parameters; creating, deleting, assigning members/permissions, etc. Not really sure how I got to this point to be honest so I don't have very much information to provide. Basically I set a couple alerts to a team and when I go back to delete the alerts I am receiving an error saying "Failed to delete one or more alerts: Failed to unsubscribe from alert 99: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core.SubscriptionNotFoundException: TF50355: Subscription not found." I have a screenshot of the whole message but my account is not verified just yet so I will be able to post that when Msoft verifies me. However, something leads me to believe that this team no longer exists or is not available for selection anymore but not sure why TFS wouldn't know that and be able to remove the alerts. I definitely did not remove the team from the server but it's possible I deleted it from TFS application. If anyone has any idea what this error message is saying or why TFS is throwing it, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Monday, December 4, 2017 5:57 PM