My two hotmails accounts not working RRS feed

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  • both of my hotmail accounts when i log into them dont work, it basically says we think someone else may be using your account or whatever, and when i go to do the account recovery bit with all the information the only information i can give is my name, my DoB, my previous passwords and current etc.

    than the rest is emails that i've sent i have never in my life used my hotmail addresses to send emails, i never make folders or anything i mightve sent a few emails over the years. but i dont know the subject addresses. All i'm trying to do is recover my account i know things in my email that others dont know like what sites i use what websites i get updates from etc. But there isn't a single place i can type to microsoft saying hey this is what emails i get regularly etc.instead i'm forced to only insert my passwords, my DoB and my name thats it.

    soo frustrating that i've had one of my accounts for over 5years and had the other for just over 2 yet, i cant recover my account on a weekend using customer support because microsoft doesnt do it on the weekends, i cant do it by account recovery because microsoft doesnt supply enough fields for where i can give information. these are my accounts both similar in name both similar in registered user. but no me myself and i cannot obtain it back until possibly the weekday. but even than what hurdles do i have to go through to get something back of mine that im using the same i.p address to log into

    Saturday, June 1, 2013 6:24 AM