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  • Sir,

    We are IT Support Team in our Institute. We have more than 2500 clients in our Network. We are facing different types of problems day by day. For Example: Virus Problem, OS Problem, Software related Problem, Network Connectivity Related Problem, Hardware Problems etc,.

    As of Now We have one Web Portal contains some drop down menu lists related to Nature of Complaints, Name of the Service Request Person, Location of the Service Request, etc,. Also, Our Web Portal which is connected to MS Access Database to Store these information's.

    We have asked our clients to register their complaints in the Web Portal. Those who have complaints related to Network Problem, We  have asked them Register a complaint over Phone. Based on this call, We will register a complaint for them.

    Our Service Engineer having Login accounts for this Web Portal and they logged in to the Portal and check what are the complaints are there? and they will attend the complaints.

    This is our Scenario...

    But, We are facing some difficulty which we are facing in our existing Web Portal. There is no choice to assign a call to a Service Engineer. There is no call escalation Mechanism. etc,.

    So, We have planned to Migrate to some other applications. Now, my question is Microsoft Dynamics CRM will work for our

    If it will work means, What are the things I have to do to setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Complaints Management Portal?


    Thavamani Shanmugam

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015 4:30 PM

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  • Absolutely. You can use the Service module to do that.

    Not only that but you can then link that with whatever your primary Contact Management System is and even do sales / other out o fit.

    You can schedule things, open leads, which in your case is assigning "activities" or "cases"

    It works very well for that.

    You can then create a portal page that specifically CREATES a case in CRM, then you can have workflows to assign it to people and or specifically create a case AND assign it to someone as part of the actual portal page.

    There is so much more you can do :-) it's truly great and a perfect scenario.

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015 8:27 PM