Possible bug Server Explorer with .sdf RRS feed

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  • Platform: XP SP2, Visual Studio.net 2008 SP1, SQL Server 2005, sync framework 2.0 CTP 1.
    I create a simple Windows form app.
    Create new local data cache, point it to a table on SQL Server 2005.
    Creates local .sdf file fine.
    From Data Sources View I drag and drop this table, this creates grid and BindingSources, Tables Adapter, TableAdapterManager objects.

    When I edit a field in the grid and click save via the Binding Navigator toolbar, it saves to the .sdf (I think).
    If i shut down the app and run again, the edit is in the grid no problem.

    It also syncs to the server no problem when I add a sync button to the navigator and set bidirectional sync.

    IF if in Visual Studio Server Explorer, I expand my SDF database to look at the table that I just applied the edit to in my program.
    I don't see the edit!
    AND the act of opening and previewing this table data (show table data) in Server Explorer causes the .SDF to reload with the original data (before all changes)!  EVEN THOUGH I've posted changed data to the server!

    This is seriously the most bizarre thing i've seen in a while.
    Any advice is appreciated.

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