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  • So to day i wanted to troubleshoot a game for compability so it can start
    But i get the classic error An error occurred while loading the troubleshooter:
                                            An unexpected error has occurred. The troubleshooting wizard can't continue

       Package ID:  Unknown
       Path:  Unknown
       Error code:  0x80070057
       Source:  Command Line
       User:  Jen\Jen
       Context: Restricted

    I searched all over the internet for Error Code: 0x80070057 but i wasn't able to find something similar to troubleshooting more than other problems related to that code
    I hope someone can help me 
    PS: I'm using windows 8 and my antivirus is Norton Internet Security
    Thank you for your time
    ~ Jen
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  • Hi Jen,

    You're asking this question in the wrong forum, this forum is for suggestions and feedback on the forums themselves, not individual product support. My best suggestion would be to start a thread over here:


    Good luck.

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    Tuesday, October 1, 2013 5:28 PM
  • Thank you 
    And I am sorry for making this mistake
    Tuesday, October 1, 2013 5:51 PM
  • Nothing to be sorry about, the forums can definitely be confusing when you first start using them.

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  • As a starter for the error code:

    # for hex 0x80070057 / decimal -2147024809 :
      COR_E_ARGUMENT                                                corerror.h     
    # MessageText:
    # An argument does not meet the contract of the method.
      DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS                                           ddraw.h        
      DIERR_INVALIDPARAM                                            dinput.h       
      DPERR_INVALIDPARAM                                            dplay.h        
      DPERR_INVALIDPARAMS                                           dplay.h        
      DPNERR_INVALIDPARAM                                           dplay8.h       
      DSERR_INVALIDPARAM                                            dsound.h       
      DVERR_INVALIDPARAM                                            dvoice.h       
      ecInvalidParam                                                ec.h           
      ecInvalidSession                                              ec.h           
      ecBadBuffer                                                   ec.h           
      MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER                                      mapicode.h     
      STIERR_INVALID_PARAM                                          stierr.h       
      E_INVALIDARG                                                  winerror.h     
    # One or more arguments are invalid
    # 14 matches found for "0x80070057"

    So whatever causes this exactly, it undobtedly seems to be some kind of invalid arguments.


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