Show desktop on tablet with full version windows 8 after metro app close RRS feed

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  • This is probably extremely easy.  I'm writing a program that opens the Windows 8 'webcam' metro app (the default camera app).  When I'm done taking my picture, I'm killing the webcam process to get me back to my desktop.  This works fine on my laptop, but on my tablet it closes the camera app to the start screen.

    Currently, I'm using a sendkeys command to send "desktop+{ENTER}" ... this gets the job done, but I'm looking for a real solution.

    How can I programmatically close the start menu?  I would prefer not use sendkeys at all if it is possible.

    I've tried sending "^{ESC}" but that just brings up the camera again (the process.kill doesn't seem to really kill it, it just suspends it from what I can see.. that might have something to do with the app container and security, but the kill command does at least minimize it, which is fine for my purposes).

    I've also tried doing a Me.BringToFront and Me.Focus, and using a MessageBox to display a "Success" message in an attempt to close the start menu, they don't work.

    So basically, from the start menu, how do you programmatically switch to the desktop, without sendkey?

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