VS 2017 debugger- Opening new Chrome window and stop debugger on closing chrome after latest VS15.7.2 update


  • I just updated my VS 2017 with the latest update (15.7.2). After the latest update, on hitting F5 instead of launching Chrome tabs  VS is launching new Chrome windows (Chrome is my default browser and I have four startup project, 2 services, 1 frontend). And when I close any of the Chrome window, VS debugger stopped. 

    This is start happening after the update. Before the update, this was working fine. With F5 VS debugger launches all four project in Chrome tab and any time I close the service tab without closing the debugger.  I even unchecked two VS 2017 settings. ie. 1) Enabled JavaScript debugger for ASP.NET (Chrome, Edge and IE) 2) Enable legacy Chrome JavaScript debugger for ASP.NET. 


    Ramesh Chandra

    Tuesday, May 29, 2018 9:51 PM