Rinbot Virus Rises, Hits Media Giant RRS feed

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  • Just two days after a new variant of the malicious Storm worm wreaked havoc for I.T. administrators, the malware forecast turned even more bleak as the insidious Rinbot virus began to circultate once again, hitting a major U.S. corporation on Thursday.

    Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time Warner and parent company of CNN, confirmed that the virus hit its systems yesterday -- marking the second attack the company has gone public with.

    The malicious Zotob worm infiltrated the news network in 2005, and the breach was broadcast live on air. TBS company spokesperson Shirley Powell said yesterday's attack had minimal impact, and the company is actively working to rectify the situation.

    Rinbot's Stealthy Search

    The latest strain of the Rinbot virus appears to be targeting Microsoft SQL servers and a weakness in Symantec antivirus software, for which the company has already issued a patch.

    Reportedly, the virus moves around the Internet by exploiting basic passwords -- any one of roughly 200 passwords with easy-to-guess names like "password." Once the virus penetrates a system, it can turn the computer into a zombie for launching spam, sending out spyware, and blasting out denial-of-service attacks.

    Security experts from I.T. security firm Sophos said what makes this particular virus different from other malware is that it exploits a Symantec software vulnerability on a Windows platform, whereas, traditionally, hackers targeted Microsoft's programs directly.

    "There are people looking for holes in all software programs either to publicize it or to take advantage of it," said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos. "It's not just a Microsoft problem."

    Media Hype or Real Risk?

    Cluley said he believes this latest strain is the seventh version of Rinbot, which first appeared in March 2005. Cluley also noted that, other than Time Warner, he hasn't received any reports of infected systems, leading him to believe the latest round of the Rinbot might be more hype than actual risk.

    "When CNN got hit by Zotob, it became a huge media story. I think it's all a bit of a storm in a tea cup," he said. "We see new malware all the time." Sophos discovered 7,752 pieces of new malicious software just last month.

    Security experts don't discount the increasing threat of viruses, though, especially in light of the Storm worm attack earlier this week. Cluley stressed the importance of security software as a way to keep systems safe.

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 4:55 PM


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