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  • Hi all,

    I have a hopefully brief question with regards to the installation and operation of Windows HPC 2008 on a network without a domain and an Active Directory structure. 

    We are presently trying to install HPC 2008 on a single computer for use with Abaqus FEA software, however we use a workgroup network structure in our office as opposed to a domain system.  The server in question will not require to attach to any other computers for job submission as all of the number crunching will be performed just on this computer.  The reason we require the HPC pack is to take advantage of the MPI abilities offered by it for use with Abaqus, as opposed to using Threads to split the jobs across multiple cores.

    The question that I have is this: as this version of HPC does not require to connect to other computers for job submission etc so is there any way that we can install it on our single computer without requiring a domain to be set up?  (as far as I can tell we will not require a domain to submit jobs to it as this is done via Abaqus itself, which has a purpose-written integration set-up for use with HPC)

    If this is not the case, is it possible to set up a local domain on just that server, install the HPC pack and then remove the domain? - or would that create a large amount of problems with the operation fo the HPC pack?

    You will need to excuse my ignorance as I am a mechanical engineer not an IT expert.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008 11:17 AM


  • Hi Jon,
    You may have already discovered by now that you can install the HPC pack onto any machine that you want, however the problem occurs when you launch the Job Scheduler. It immediately wants a "head node" to connect to for job submission.

    To answer your question.. yes you can set up a local domain on your server, you cannot create a head node otherwise. If you then were to remove the domain and you would be back to square one in that when you submit jobs, the microsoft security model requires the use of Active Directory (AD) to authenticate the user/service submitting the mpi job. The jobs would then fail to run as a result.

    It is possible to have AD running on your server and also have it act as a head node and run jobs.

    I hope that points you in the right direction.



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