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  • Hi I have written a simple  method to sync a local folder with a remote folder. I built this code from the Sync101SimpleSync example except I am using the FileSyncProvider. It appears that FileSyncProider may have some kind of limitation or bug around 29000 items ( about 14,500 files) as once the sync gets to 29000 of 29863 its stays on 29000 every time the event registerd to provider.DestinationCallbacks.ProgressChanged is called the data is the same and the proccess never ends (after 40 mins i stoped it ). If I reduce the amount of files to 9,000 the Sync hapens very very quickly. I even broke down the sync into two sync that each used a diffrent folder of the  2 sub folder that have the files in them.  Again ths sync was very fast. I tested the sync by changing files on diffrent servers and the sync was always able to figure out which was correct, etc.. So why doesnt it work with my all my files as fast but 1/2 the file is 100 times faster?
    I am syncing a local PAth ie c:\myFolder to a remote path ie \\servName\Share\
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • Hi -

    There really is no limitation on the number of files that we can sync in one session and I believe we have seen people sync upto 500,000 files using SyncToy ( which is based on the FileSyncProvider). Have you tried examining what the 29,000 or 29,001th file is and if there is anything special about it. Or maybe it is possible that in your configuration, there is some kind of system limit that is being hit.

    Are you using the FileSyncProvider from the V1 RTM or V2 CTP2 binaries? Can you use the V2 CTP2 FileSyncProvider and give that a spin?

    Deepa ( Microsoft Sync Framework)
    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 4:53 PM