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    I still have about 30 days on my eval trial offer. Can someone please tell me if a newer version of Live OneCare is coming up any time soon? If so, can the following suggestions be forwarded to the Live OC development team? IMHO the following may make the application better.




    -- The “schedule scans” must allow a user to select an option of the type of the scan he/she wants to schedule: “deep scans” or “quick scans.”


    -- Allow the user to schedule regular virus definition updates (I was told by tech support that at this time the updates are done on some sort of default schedule that only the computer knows). DO NOT bundle virus/spyware definition updates with overall CareOne updates (I just have a feeling that some fool from Marketing Dept. will suggest this at some point).


    -- Allow the user to enlarge the box that displays the quarantine virus/spyware information


    -- At the end of the scan, the report window should indicate how many files/folders were scanned. This should be displayed automatically without having to dig through the registry. Better yet… currently the virus/spyware scan displays only (%) of scanned files while running; in addition to this, the scan module should also display the actual number of files it scanns in real time. This is just another way to confirm that a deep scan is in progress.


    -- If malware is found, a notification (e.g. a notification window) displaying the identity and the path of the offending program must pop up immediately either in a scan window or as a separate window.


    -- Supposed you’ve just downloaded an archived folder (.zip,  .rar, or one of many others). You definitely wish to know if it is infested, right? OK, so right click on the folder – now you see a drop menu that gives you an option to “Scan for viruses.”  Select that option and OneCare will scan it, right? Well, maybe. At the end of the scan, all you get is a message that it was scanned and no infection was found. You DON’T KNOW how many files within the archive were scanned and how many levels deep the scan went. These must be corrected. {!!!} A really neat trick would be if at the end of such a scan, OneCare would say something like “29,982,236 B of 29,982,236 B were scanned. No infection was found.” If entire archive cannot be scanned for some reason (that’s how I got my last virus -- the one that crashed my entire computer), the warning may read something like: “29,000,000 B of 298, 982, 236 B were scanned. Parts of you folder/file could not be scanned and may harbour malware. We recommend that …..[come up with something approved by Microsoft legal department here]”



    --WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE DO NOT PULL A “WINDOWS VISTA”. I.e. please change the way things appear as little as possible and ONLY if you absolutely have to; make changes as simple and as unobtrusive as possible. PLEASE DO NOT change the appearance of the entire application. DO NOT move the buttons and tabs around. DO NOT introduce “new, intuitive, and exciting” applications that look good to geeks with compuSCI degrees from Cal Tech, IIT or MIT  -- this is generally a VERY BAD IDEA. (No offence to geeks in general as I, myself, am a rapidly ageing one from UCLA). Overall you have a good application here. It just needs a bit of tweaking. It is fast and simple. Please KEEP IT THAT WAY! Do not screw it up.

    Monday, August 18, 2008 4:18 AM