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  • I have configured CRM with the new portal and published my CRM portal web site to Azure as per all the directions in the CRM Support Portal documentation. It all works. EXCEPT - I frequently, and intermittently, get the error message that the key is not valid for use in the specified state. I know everything is configured because I can send invitation emails, log in as test users, navigate around, file cases, view cases and such. However, every other page or so I get this error. If I refresh the page it reloads correctly. So something is happening in the Azure hosting. I've read that as Azure uses multiple instances the key may not be shared across them all. Ok - but the instructions for setting this up don't mention anything about this (and are EXCEPTIONALLY lacking in any case). We can't roll this out to our customers until this is resolved. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I'm willing/able to edit the code to fix this. Just need a sample or code that others have used to resolve it. Right now, it's a waste of an Azure subscription and the portal. Both CRM and the support portal are hosted by MS.

    Many thanks.

    Monday, July 2, 2012 1:41 PM