ORNL Gears Up for New Leadership Computing Systems RRS feed

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  • At the High Performance Computing and Communication Conference, Doug Kothe, the Director of Science in the National Center for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), gave a summary of the leadership computing facility at ORNL, including the preparations around the upcoming Cray supercomputer deployments. Being one of the Department of Energy's leading computing facilities, ORNL will be outfitted with some of the most powerful systems in the world. By late 2007, ORNL will have upgraded its 119-teraflop Cray XT4 'Jaguar' system to its peak performance of 250 teraflops, and by late 2008 ONRL will install a new one petaflop Cray 'Baker' system, which is expected to contain over 22,000 quad-core processors. The 250 teraflop system will be used by scientists, selected by the DOE's Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, who are unable to advance their research without such a powerful system, including research into combustion science, astrophysics, fusion energy, chemistry, material science/nanoscience, and climate.
    Wednesday, April 18, 2007 7:44 AM