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  • Dear Sirs,

    A weak ago I received a email from Facebook that I won one Million British Pound through microsoft lottory, I just want to know that it is true or false? I want correct information. My email is sitos.timsina@gmail.com

    The detail of this email is as below;

    On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 1:31 AM, <yourmsaward_claims@london.com> wrote:
    Microsoft Award Team in collaboration with facebook.com
    100 Victoria Street
    London SW1E 5JL
    United Kingdom.

    Ref: Microsoft Winning Notification.

    TO: Shitoshna Timsina

    In regards to your email, we
    (Microsoft Award Team) congratulate you once again for being one of the lucky winners in this years(2010) free Microsoft online lottery that was conducted over the Internet with an Automated profile selecting machine(APSM) on facebook. Each profile was attached to a ticket number and your profile with ticket number (644 79543465 B448056490902) was randomly selected.

    You emerged a lucky winner in the ongoing MICROSOFT WINDOWS FREE ONLINE LOTTERY. Please note that this Promotional Program tagged "Thanks for contributing to our financial Success" was sponsored and organized by the MICROSOFT WINDOWS Corporation in view of the financial benefits received from its numerous customers either through adverts, hosting and personal emails.

    The MICROSOFT WINDOWS promotion is an independent Internet organization that has been financially assisting people with its intention to changing peoples life since 2005, so many people have benefited from it over the years.

    To claim your prize we have two (2) options available.

    1:A certified Draft of One Million Great British Pounds (£1,000,000.00) shall be handed over to you (Personally) including the Security documents of your winning prize award at the payment centre in London United Kingdom . Please note that you have less than 7 days from this day to make yourself available at the Disbursements Centre to claim your winnings. Failure to comply will mean that you have forfeited your winnings and the funds will be reused in upcoming draws.

     However if you can not make it to the Disbursements within the stipulated time, there would be another payment option open to you.

    2: Courier Delivery of your Certified Draft of One Million Great British Pounds (£1,000,000.00) Payable to you from our corresponding bank in your Country would be sent to you via the services of a courier Company.(Note: If you will not be personally present in our payment centre in London, then you have to send a scanned copy of any of the following for identification: driver's license,International passport or National Identification card)

    In line with this, you are advised to send me a return Email immediately and inform me which of the above options you would like to use in receiving your winning sum.

    You are strongly advised to keep your winning information very confidential to yourself until your claims have been fully processed and your winning claimed. This is to avoid double representation/misrepresentation and fraud. We would not be held liable for any issues resulting from lagging on your part.

    NOTE: You are automatically disqualified if you are below 18years of age

    Acknowledge this mail by replying immediately. I await your response.

    In your service

    Carlos Davis.
    Claims Officer.                                         Supported by the United Nations(UN)
    +44 704 575 5261

    Friday, December 10, 2010 4:30 AM


  • Sorry, but Microsoft never has and never will sponsor any sort of lottery.  What you received is a scam email message whose sole objective is to steal your personal information and/or identity.  Please delete this bogus email message at once!  Please review:  Avoid Advance Fee Fraud and other lottery scams
    Carey Frisch
    Friday, December 10, 2010 6:27 AM