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  • I want to create a listView box with the following features

    1) Multiple Columns
    2) Some Columns will have sub items so I can have a main title over more than one column as well as a title on each subitem
    3) Some columns will contain comboxes so the suer can select one of the itmes in the box or add there own input

    this si the 1st time I'm using a Listview control.  I'm having problems putting the data in each column.  I can add arrays of text ok and get each text item in the correct column.  when It add pairs of items (text, Index) the data is being place going down a single row instead of across the row.  I can't use an array of strings (string[] {Text1,text2}) if a plan to mix text cells with comboboxes.  Some cells I don't want to be changed.  I also think I may need to put a button on each row.  Not sure at the moment.

    Is the solution to use objects in each column(like comboboxes) and just disable entering text into the ones I don't want people to change.  Or is there a better method.
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