Windows Live Mail and Windows ID problem RRS feed

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  • I have been setting up Windows 7 and therefore Windows Live mail for a neighbour.  (I use Outlook at home).  What a nightmare it has been, Microsoft!  He used to send photographs from a folder using the email menu option.  For this to work I had to set up a logon to Windows Live ID with a hotmail account.  Then he had to log on for it to work.  Otherwise the dreaded 0x800CCC type error code!!  However I have taught him to attach photos as file to his mail message sent via his ISP (NOT hotmail).  But every time he opens Live Mail it asks him to sign on to Live ID with his hotmail account.  I have deleted his hotmail account.  (NOT EASY Microsoft)!  Ensured that he doesn't have a Hotmail account in Live Mail.  Even stopped the LIve ID service.  But still every time we open Live Mail it ask him to sign on to Microsoft Live ID with his hotmail account.  I can't see an option in Live Mail about this.  Can't find any Tech notes about it either.  Can anyone offer to help so that I can set it up so that he can use live mail with his ISP without this annoyance?  I wish now I had set up say Thunderbird as his mail client and taught him to use that.  Outlook is fine as it is a proffessional mail client, but he doesn't even have Office let alone Office Professional. 
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 7:37 AM