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    Replicating currentmember.parent in DAX

    Hello Friends,

    I am working on a migration which involves Multidimesional Cubes and Tabular Models.

    I have scenario where a measure have been created with currentmember.parent functions in MDX.

    The example to explain the same is given below-

    Measure 4=

    iif(ISEMPTY([Measure1]),null,(iif([Dim1].[Attr1].CurrentMember.Parent = 0,1,(Sum([Dim1].[Attr1].CurrentMember,[Measures].[Measure2]))/[Measures].[Measure3])))

    Per my understanding, if more than one member of Attr1 is selected from filter, if will show the Measure4 as 1 or else the Measure2/Measure3 calculated at current member context will be returned.

    Please let me know if am missing anything here.

    I have written the below dax 

    Measure4:=IF(ISBLANK([Measure1]),BLANK(),IF(HASONEVALUE('Dim1'[Attr1]),DIVIDE(Measure2,Measure3 ,BLANK()),1))

    But it is not giving me intended results.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2018 7:23 AM