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  • Hi,

    I posted this on We got served but thought I would try here as well...thanks fo ryour time. (I am hoping for some good news)

    Hi all,

    Well I have had an aweful couple of days, firstly I forgot to register my free edition of avast,(which I will be doing once the server is up) so it caused a few small issues. Anyway I gave the server a reboot, only to notice fater 15 minutes no green home server icon, hrrmmm so I wander out the to garage and I am greeted by a gray screen, nothing else. I reboot a few times , unplug some USB drives try various things, only to have the same result. So I figure well others hjave rebuilt and had no issues so first time for everything. I put the dvd in, select server reinstallation and way it goes.......for a hour or so, then to my dismay I get an error saying the archiver failed and home server did not complete.....dammit. I thought, no problems I'll start again. This time no server reinstallation option....on no..(so I stopped here and left it).. So I get into work and do some reading and I found an article saying it was something to do with drivers for the hard disks (which I never did first build) which makes sense, BUT I have already rebooted at this stage and can't go back it seems (my wife rebooted and took out the DVD only to be greeted with an NTDL missing message). So I figure nps like most other installs as long as I haven't selected any options should be sweet. Well no seems WHS formats on startup, so now it wont let me reinstall.

    Can anyone provide any advise, cause I really don't want to have to extract all my data and start again. Does WHS really format the system drive on boot unlike other systems that load into memory?

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, February 2, 2009 12:26 AM


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, once a restore failed a first time, you have only a few  options, which may or may not function. The DVD should stay in drive during the entire installation process, all drives, which are part of the storage pool, attached. USB drives are not the best idea to integrate into the storage pool.  Is the server a self built or an OEM machine?

    NTLDR not found may point to something very trivial: the boot sequence of your disks in the Bios may have changed, so that the original system disk is no longer the boot disk. If you can correct this, setup should resume.

    If this is not the case, your system drive could have failed.
    In this situation you can swap the original drive against a new one and attempt, if the server reinstall is offered again.

    If this also does not work, you will have to follow a process like outlined in this FAQ.
    Best greetings from Germany and good luck
    Monday, February 2, 2009 7:14 AM