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  • Hi,
    It has been suggested to me to start new thread here (I could not find right place to talk about SkyDrive service).
    Beside all ideas about combining SkyDrive and Live Mesh (that I support) I would love to see SkyDrive as one of my hard drives in my computer. Or at least have an opportunity to add it as network drive.
    I do not suppose it would be very difficult to make it happen (well, at least I hope it wouldn't) but what other system is/would be sold with 25GB of free storage with access as easy as clicking' hdd icon? :-) (+ still user would have an access to it from any where in the world).

    Again... Skydrive and a bit of Live Mesh.

    At present synchronizing system folders is a bit of a pain (copy on desktop, new copy as second or third computer has already folder with a name like that) - I would ad an option (add to mesh + share with: comp A, B, etc) and when selected on those computers theirs system folders would be in the mesh automatic.

    And a lot of communicators store contacts online, people do it with contact for mail (when they use web based clients) - why not by default make windows store contacts and favorites on sky drive (and synchronizing. these with one ore more computers)? No matter where we are - we can send an e-mail or visit favorites web (even if our computer is not with us).

    Option: there is more laptops sold now than desktop. That means that more laptops is being stolen. We should be able to (from web side) disconnect computer form mesh or sky drive. And when that happens information should be still store online but a signal should be sent to our machine - delete everything! :-)

    Best regards,
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  • Absolutely right, Tom.

    A free 25gig "SkyDrive" would be fantastic. Microsoft should have the knowledge to integrate it in Windows powered systems as a virtual drive.
    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 5:52 AM
  • Good place to discuss integration of SkyDrive and Live Mesh is here. To make direct feedback regarding SkyDrive itself - http://feedback.live.com and select Windows Live SkyDrive from the list.
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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 3:01 PM