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  • Hi,

    SyncToy 2.1 64x on Windows XP Professional 64x is good, but there is something I miss:


    - Log which files and folders are modified by the tool during a syncprocess

    - display actual status of process in the commandline tool (SyncToycmd.exe) as it is in the GUI

    - Resume and Pause button in the GUI

    - The tool doesn't detect different bytes, and just transfers the differences of the file

    - Master Slave (running SyncToy service an each client, that communicate with each other) architecture would be useful: Hash calculation of file data blocks, tracking of changes on each side, etc.

    - fullduplex transfer (synchronization in both directions at the same time, if there are files, that have to be synchronized in both directions..)



    - it works the most of the time, as expected

    - Save overwritten or deleted files in recycle bin dosn't work on my systems, I don't know why

    - network disconnects stop the sync process: if the network connection fails for some time 1-10min. The tool doesn't wait for the connection to recover. It just fails. If I start the sync process again, it doesn't resume the last synchronized file, which transfer was interupted.

    - Some folder movements and file renamings the tool didn't detect, so it deleted all the old files and folders and copied the "new" ones. That caused network traffic, that would not have been necessary.



    - When will the next version be released?

    - Will be the issues like Resume, network reconnect (long waittime) , and fullduplex addressed in the next release?



    Friday, May 28, 2010 10:05 AM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestions, our dev will notice your statements

    We are working on the improvement of SyncToy with our effort and suggestions from customers just like you. So we all should have confidence for the good features and improvent of the future version.




    Monday, May 31, 2010 5:36 AM