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  • I previously had a HP EX485 which would display the total available space correctly on my Windows RC build. I ran out of room and wanted to also recycle some of my old Sata drives which weren't being used so I ended up building my own WHS. I migrated most of my files over, but noticed when viewing this WHS in windows explorer that it is only displaying the total available space on the OS drive. For example it currently says 696gb free of 296gb.

    I am running power pack 2 which I know addressed the issue previously with Vista, and I know the HP also displayed it correctly. I can't figure out why this build won't. Does anyone have any ideas? This has already caused me an issue since I tried to use Itunes to move its library over but Windows 7 is kicking it out for lack of available space. My Itunes library is nowhere near that size and I am guessing it is because Windows 7 thinks the drive is full.
    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 4:42 AM

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  • You should never interact directly with the desktop and copy files always only via the UNC path of the share (not to D:\shares on the server, since this may break stuff and cause trouble later - if you used that method to migrate files over, this may well be the reason for D: filling up, duplication not working etc.).

    This being said, Windows Explorer showing the full available size locally on the server or on mapped drives is a cosmetic bug, which has been introduced with a fix for the problem Vista rejecting to copy files, if the selection was larger than the free space on the physical drive D: (already before PP2).
    Since interaction with local drives on the server via Windows Explorer is not part of the concept and mapping drives is also a method "from another time", I won't assume this being fixed. And no, after that fix this behavior has never been different, so maybe the different results you have seen are from different patch levels of the server.

    You only should use the console for checking the free space.

    Best greetings from Germany
    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 1:22 PM