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  • I, like many others had a subscription to Pocket PC and Smartphone Mag. They covered new releases, software reviews, etc. on phone PDA's, Smartphones as well as non-phone PDA's, etc. Then the iphone came around, and "due to popular demand" the unbelievable happened. They accually discontinued ALL other phones from ALL Carriers, Platforms, O.S. , you name it, and made it on and only the iphone, which I hate. And not because it's so "popular" and the "in" phone to have, but by my personal dealings and so on.
    I know it's most likely unatainable and perhaps inpractable, but would'nt it be awsome if Microsoft came out with their own magazine that not only covered all Windows based Pocket PC's and Smartphones, but also throw in Netbooks, the Zune and all Wireless devices and Handheld equipment. I know it's probably just a pipe dream but I think that could / would boost allot of Windows Mobile hype as well as put it back in the "Market" and Game again...
    Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:19 AM

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