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  • Hi, I currently have a table.  This table A contains 2 columns.  Column A = cell_number and Column B = account_number.  this table A is located in sql server.  I want to use the columns A & B as parameters and pass them into a table B located in oracle.  However, table B has over 100 million records. 

    this is how i started my query..however...this will perform the openquery first and then the inner join, which I want to avoid....

    select b.*
    from business_analysis.dbo.tableA as a
    inner join ( select *
    			from openquery(oracle_db,'
    							select b.ban
    							,b.effective_issue_date transaction_date
    							from ods.tableB b
    on a.accountnumber = b.ban
    and a.fidonumber = b.subscriber_no
    Thank you !
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