Can't get my old email back, even though pass has remained same? RRS feed

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  • The first email I ever created was jordankelsall@hotmail.com and it is the email I need the most. I created a temporary email in the past year to get around the problem because I cannot seem to recover it.

    When I log in to the account it says that somebody else may be using it when I know they are not. I know the password is the same and it has been since I first made the account, because I can still log in to facebook using the email. It also lets me sign in when I use the original password and email but says someone else may be on.

    But none of my files have been corrupted and none of my accounts hacked such as facebook, xbox live or runescape. It gives me some sort of application form to try and prove it is me but I cannot remember my secret security question, and have tried to remember for 5 months now. I did have it saved on my old computer but has broken now.

    It has said the account may be being used by someone else now for 5 months or so but the password has been kept the same? I feel as though there be 3rd parties involved in this but I am not sure, and need another way to recover because I cannot remember enough details.

    I am new on here, any advice?
    Saturday, December 1, 2012 9:44 PM