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  • I have read some posts here where this has been discussed but it is not clear to me (sorry about that).

    I purchased, about 4 years ago, a refurbished PC and it came with XP Home SP2 installed. It is the OEM version (I think) because all I received was a single CD labeled "Windows XP Home SP2." On the back of the computer I have the Microsoft sticker giving the Product Key.

    That computer developed some problems so I decided to start new etc. I took my wife's old computer and have ordered a new motherboard (so I can use all the plug in cards I took out of my "refurbished" PC (I plan to scrap that PC - actually donate it to Lions who puts together computers and installs new OEM software they have gotten from MS, then they donate to school kids etc.).

    The new motherboard computer has it's own hard drive which is running MS 2000 Pro (legal copy).

    So, once I get the new motherboard computer assembled, I want to start new and clean.

    I would like to reformat that (Win 2000 Pro) hard drive with XP SP2 using the disk and Product Key from my refurbished computer (which is now defunct). I want to start over with that HD fully clean etc. I would then put the MS Product Code sticker on the back of this newly created PC.

    Can someone give me the details on how to do the install of XP? Can I install it over the Win 200 or do I need to remove that first?

     I really don't want to buy a new copy.

    Thanks, Dan

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012 8:55 PM


  • An OEM version of Windows XP is non-transferrable to a different computer.  The license is permanently tied to the very first computer it is installed on.  If that computer is no longer functional due to a defective motherboard, the license is no longer valid and cannot be reused.  The only exception is if the defective motherboard is replaced with the exact same model motherboard.
    Carey Frisch
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    Tuesday, January 3, 2012 9:23 PM