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  • I have read and read and re-read for about a month over how to set up the products catalog in CRM, and i am in need of vids at this point.

    If we start with a blank slate and go to enter a new product it feels as if we do a complete 360 and i find myself trying to create that first product while creating my first product. I and in need of verbiage outside the documentation and or a quick video the product catalog. Preferably a video where someone created one product and then created a quote using that one product.

    That whole product list thing is something i am not grasping. It's like I will give it a go think i have it then all the sudden i am back to the 360 again with nothing making since. The rest of t he CRM i can at least get a starting point and find a place to start. I cannot even find a place to start with what I would think would be the easiest thing to define, the products.

    I think my problem is that there is a much bigger picture that i am missing and I need to see someone create a product then use it some way.

    Anyone got anything that can help me on creating and using products ? 

    Need some help with the jump start, and or an, Awww Haaa moment .... ;)


    Thursday, November 5, 2009 4:57 AM


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