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  • First of all, I could not find the bloomin' forum for the life of me...

    Then I kept on getting lost again...

    Even when I tried to sign out, as a last resort, when it came to "signing in," to re attempt the process. On actually signing in, I could not even figure this out at first, there was an icon, and then nothing... nothing asking for a password? Before I belatedly realized you have to click on this icon to reveal a box to put your password in! What is the point? I feel as if I am on an Indiana Jones style type of crusade trying to negotiate this site and figure out its riddles - it's just frankly ridiculous!

    The aesthetics and organisation in general, I do not believe have been thought through very well in fact.

    Yan, you posted a link to my questions, but that is just the "blurb" in regard the Fix It Center... it does not really answer any of my questions?

    Such as when there are "ad-on's" should I be taking this option, in results and removing them... I know what the Center is supposed to do, I just do not know "how" and what the results I get mean and how to act on them and I am no wiser for looking at the manual. I had a link to that, of course I would have just gone to the "help" section in the first place, if it answered my questions.

    Even placing a post here, is far harder than it should be! Why do you have to go to ask a question? Why not just place a post - that is the usual terminology on message boards.

    No wonder I am having so much difficulty with the Fix It Center, if even what should be the simple things are so flamin' complicated!

    CAN PEOPLE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY ON SEANWHITE06@AOL.COM if you are to reply and answer please, because the "alert" system - something else that clearly does not operate correctly, has not worked once and finding the forum board again, as touched on before, I may as well for all intents and purposes be looking for the Ark of the Covenant!

    Was my previous post, before last removed btw - I thought we lived in a democracy and a good company welcomes criticism as an opportunity for growth and improvement?

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011 8:00 PM


  • Dear Customer,

    I'm very sorry you have a wrong place posted. Your issue was not appears to be a relate "Fix it Center(Mr.Fix it)". So I suggest you post your issue to a correct forum. That you can get the right solution soon. Thanks for your understanding!  :)


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    Monday, February 14, 2011 7:32 AM