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  • I am sorry if this has been answered already but I am not able to find my answer..

    I have an old PC running Home Server and PP3. It has 1 (250 gb) and 2 (sata 640gb) drives installed and all are added as storage in the console.
    I have 2 desktops and 1 laptop backing up nightly as well as a bunch of shared drives. The share drives are marked for File Duplication.

    If I understand everything correctly...
    1. The desktops and laptop are completely backed up nightly allowing me to restore them if one were to crash using the Restore disk?

    2. The shared drives are redundant on 2 seperate drives. (How do I tell that the shares are on the drives or do I not need to worry about that since the WHS is making sure that I have a copy of the share files on seperate drives already with the duplication turned on?)

    3. With this configuration, all my data should now be backed up at my house correct? (Desktops, Laptop, All Shared folders) and available for a restore?

    4. So if I wanted to back up the Home Server OS (for restore), PC's/Laptop, and all the Share files and store it at another location (I am calling this a Server Back up)....how large of a USB hard drive would be needed? (100GB, 500gb, same as the storage available on the WHS, more)??

    5. What would the best method be for backing up all the data on the WHS so I could restore everything or individual files as needed using the Server Back up? I just want to be sure that I have a copy of all data off-site and not loose any data

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5:56 PM


  • 1.  Yes the desktops and laptop should be completely backed up - check the computers and backup tab in the Console to make sure.

    2.  If you have duplication turned on for the folders you wish to protect then yes a copy of those files will be duplicated onto the other drive.  Out of the box you can't tell which drive a file is stored on - if you really want to know then an Add-in is available to do just that.

    3.  Yes your data is backed up, but at the moment you are not covered by things like accidently user deletion, fire, flood etc.

    4.  It is not required, nor is there the facility to backup the Windows Home Server OS (you'll find answers to this common question in the fourm).   Windows Home Server will allow you to backup your data to an another drive if you add that another drive as a Backup Drive.  The amount of space you will require to backup everything on your windows home server excluding backups can be found by adding up all the 'Used Space' entires in the "Shared Folders" tab of the Windows Home Server Console.

    4b) There is no method out of the box to backup client computer backups - an Add-In called WHS BDBB is available which does just that.

    5. Buy a USB disk, say 1TB and use this to backup your server on a regular basis and take the drive off site.  If you lose an individual file then you can plug the USB disk into the client computer and find it.  If you lose a whole folder, you can plug the USB disk into your Windows Home Server and restore it.

    Hope that answers your questions - feel free to ask but it's always best to read through the forum and other sites as you'll pickup more information that way.


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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 8:00 PM