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  • Is it ever a good idea to change my host file by adding to it?  What are the risks associated with adding IP addresses to the host file?  I understand that the host file has something to do with IP addresses, but that's the extent of my knowledge.  I've never even opened the host file before yesterday (with notepad) when someone suggested I take a look at it to see if a program that I am having problems with had an entry in it.  It hadn't - apparently it was untouched except for a single and unrelated entry.  The guy who had me check the host file also provided me with several entries he said I should add to my host file, but obviously I'm unsure about that move.  The problem comes from one of my primary programs (not a Microsoft program) hanging and not working properly for some reason that he seems to think has something to do with my host file and it not connecting through the internet properly.  I've got no idea what it could be, however.

    Since I am a total goober when it comes to the inner workings of my laptop, especially the unique ways the Windows operating system works, I NEVER make changes or alter anything without a couple of opinions from the professionals and experienced users here.

    I would really appreciate any and all help and guidance in this issue, as I have no idea what to do at this point.  Thanks to everyone and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!  God bless.


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  •   Em anexo, algumas dicas importantes sobre a construção de relatórios com Crystal Reports e ReportView na plataforma .NET (2005 e 2008) 

    1 - Webcasts (Vídeos) com diversos exemplos de como construir relatórios de forma profissional com os componentes Crystal Reports e ReportViewer.

             MSDN Media Center    http://www.msdnbrasil.com.br/mediacenter/default.aspx

     Como fazer o filtro de Pesquisa dos vídeos e do código fonte (exemplos):
     digitar report viewer no campo Busca, selecionar apenas os checkboxs (downloads e Vídeos) e clicar no botão pesquisar.


     Vídeo 1 (45 minutos)

    - Construindo um relatório com os principais recursos do componente; - Visualização e Impressão através de uma aplicação ASP .NET; - Opções avançadas de construção de relatórios; - Exportação para PDF sem “Print Preview” - Exibir uma imagem no cabeçalho do relatório de forma dinâmica

     Vídeo 2: (1:30 minutos)

    Aplicação ASP.NET (Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition) - Opções avançadas com Crystal Reports .NET 2005 e ReportView - Agrupamento (Group) - Sub-Relatório (SubReport) - Imagens armazenadas no banco de dados - Gráficos (Pizza e Barras) Aplicação Windows (Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition) - Criação de um relatório do tipo DrillDown com link para um sub-relatório utilizando o componente ReportView

     Vídeo 3: (1:30 minutos)

    Aplicação Windows Forms (Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition) - Construindo um relatório com os principais recursos do componente com os bancos de dados SQL Server 2008 Express, SQL Compact 3.5, MS Access, MySQL e Oracle 10g Express ; - Visualização e Impressão através de uma aplicação Windows Forms; - Opções avançadas de construção de relatórios (criando um relatório com o controle Matrix do Report Viewer, Exportação para PDF, etc.)


    2 - Crystal Reports x ReportViewer.

    Não possui nenhuma "restrição" na distribuição de uma aplicação desenvolvida em .NET (Windows ou Web);
    Facil integração com SQL-Server 2005 2 2008 (Reporting Services).

     Crystal Reports:

    É uma solução já consolidada no mercado e  a versão que acompanha o .NET possui algumas "restrições" na hora de distribuir uma aplicação desenvolvida em .NET (Windows ou Web) e no número de usuário simultaneos que podem visualizar um relatório (5 usuários).

    Licença e suporte para Crystal Reports para Visual Studio.NET e para Visual Studio 2005


     Um dos motivos de eu ter feito os vídeos sobre Crystal Reports e ReportView foi justamente mostrar na prática que a solução da Microsoft possui os mesmos recursos (em algum casos até superior)  do Crystal Reports.

     3 - Distribuindo uma aplicação (ASP.NET ou Windows Forms).

     Instalar o Runtime ao distribuir uma aplicação em ASP.NET ou Windows Forms (em toda a máquina de destino na qual você esta instalando a sua aplicação).


     ReportView 2005 (.NET 2005)

     ReportView 2008 (.NET 2008)

     Crystal Reports


      Caso seja exibido uma tela para selecionar o certificação digital, clique no botão ok.

      Na tela de pesquisa faça o seguinte filtro:
       Software Product = Crystal Reports
      Product Version (optional)  = .NET
      e clique no botão search 

    Nome do arquivo para download: 

    .NET 2005

    CR for .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) para (OS 32 Bits)
    CR for .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64) para (OS 64 Bits)

    .NET 2008

    CR Basic for VS 2008 - Redistributable file for x86 para (OS 32 Bits)
    CR Basic for VS 2008 - Redistributable file for x64 para (OS 64 Bits) 

    4 - Service Pack (Crystal Reports)


     Caso seja exibido uma tela para selecionar o certificação digital, clique no botão ok.
    Na tela de pesquisa faça o seguinte filtro:

    Software Product = Crystal Reports
    Product Version (optional)  = .NET

    e clique no botão search

            Instalar na máquina de desenvolvimento (Faça a instalação com o Visual Studio .NET fechado!)

    Nome do arquivo para download:

    .NET 2005

    Crystal Reports for .NET 2005 - SP 1

     .NET 2008

    Crystal Reports Basic 2008 - Service Pack 1


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  • E no Visual Studio 2010? tem alguma coisa? Estamos com problemas no deploy no cliente.
    Saturday, May 15, 2010 3:33 PM
  • I have a Laptop running windows 7 64 bit.  I live in an area where I can get 3G internet via Virgin mobile.  The Virgin mobile device plugs directly in to USB.  I also have the laptop hardwired to a linksys WRT54G2 V1 router.  The router settings are reset completely...There is no security on the network.  I currently have a printer that will wirelessly accept printjobs over the linksys network(the wireless network is working).

    I clicked the 3G connection in network connections and went to properties.  I selected the sharing tab and clicked to share.  I then pressed settings and selected all of the options to be available on internet connection sharing.

    But it will not share with my iphone, which picks up linksys router connections, no problem(i tested this at a friend's house and by random networks in town called "linksys").

    Sunday, November 7, 2010 12:21 AM
  • Hi Erdos I just came across your post and literally as I finished reading it got the same scenario working. I have a WRT54G router running Internode 3G USB modem. The way I got it to work was by setting up internet connection sharing on the 3G connection under networking. Make sure you enable the Web Server, HTTPS and anything else you require. Next check the status of the 3G connection and note the IP and Subnet of the IPv4 address. Next go to the router config page and under Setup > Basic Setup change the Subnet under Network Setup section to the same Subnet of your 3G connection (i.e. Then change the Local IP to what ever your local network will be. (i.e. For my wireless connections everything is DHCP assigned, but on my host Wired connection (one hosting the 3G connection) I have statically assigned the above subnet and local IP is 2 ( Not sure on iPhone's, never had one... Don't see the appeal. But if it has WiFi and conforms to normal networking conventions I suppose it should work by using the WRT54G's wireless access. Good luck
    Friday, December 17, 2010 2:12 AM
  • Question: If MS Desktop can display/enlarge any .jpg images on my monitor, then why can’t I make my images larger for my corporation/NPO domains/documents/presentations/business plans without harming them: They need to fill up a computer monitor when persons visit our domains: We have 5 .jpg images that need to be seen, before they get to our NPO Synopsis stating what we are going to accomplish. I just lost my graphic designer.


    I require a good Graphics Designer to help me with my images and Expression Web 4 upgrading my domains from FrontPage

    Please have someone contact me soon: corp@myshield.us

    Thanks again, I appreciate your support and help!

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

    Marshall Fabian Shield


    Marshall F. Shield CEO/Chairman
    Saturday, December 18, 2010 12:58 AM
  • eu também estou com duvida no visual studio 2010, alguem tem um tutorial????
    Wednesday, January 5, 2011 6:54 PM
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