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  • I've searched through this forum and have seen similar issues but not this exact issue, so I'm posting in hopes there is a way to recover from the scenario I'm in.


    I have the OEM version of WHS installed on a machine with two internal drives and 4 USB drives which gives me approx 1.2TB of storage on top of the 20GB system partition.


    Because I didn't have enough drive space, I migrated one disk at a time moving and adding the USB drives to the storage pool. This means I don't have a complete backup of all my data which is about 600GB in size. (I know!)


    All was fine until I recently rebooted the machine because I had to power down to move some electrical cables. The machine boot up fine but I noticed that one of the USB drives had been moved out of the storage pool. I figured the USB cable was loose, so I shutdown and rechecked all connections and boot back up. Same issue occurred.


    I read through some threads here and tried moving some of the USB cables to different ports, but still had same issue. The machine I'm using has 6 USB ports.


    I checked under windows disk management and all drives show as being healthy.


    I did a little more digging and found the reg key which lists the drives by some internal id and realized that there were only 5 drives listed. Somehow one of the drive definitions was removed from the registry or maybe never saved. I search the web but could not find a way to determine the drive id to re-add to the registry or even if it would be possible.


    Here's the very weird part to all this. Two of the external drives seem to be crossed somewhere in the configuration. If I physically power down the drive which is not in the storage pool, one of the drives that is in the storage pool changes to a status of missing. If I power that drive back up, it appears in the list outside of the storage pool and the one in the storage pool changes from missing back to a healthy status.


    I determined that in the registry drive attributes that the drive in the storage pool was Drive4 when in fact it should have been showing Drive5. I manually updated the registry to point it to the correct drive but the change did not take. After refreshing the reg values, it was changed back to Drive4.


    I have folder duplication turned on so it appears I have access to most of the files, although it's almost impossible to tell until you try to access the file contents. The current status of the home server is healthy and I'm able to still have my daily PC backups run without issue.


    I also have KeepVault to backup my files offsite, but it didn't get a chance to backup all my files before this happened.


    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can salvage this? I don't think I have a configuration which is extremely out of the norm for most people.


    Any help would be much appreciated… I’ve exhausted all the options I could think of.



    I was doing a bit more searching. The two drives which seem to be swapped with each other are WD OneTouch drives. I don't know is this particular issue exists for these drives, but it appears some of the drives could have duplicated hardware Identifiers. Does anyone know if WHS uses this identifier to generate its unique identifier stored in the registry? Or does WHS generate its own GUID and store that on the drive? I hope it's the latter... otherwise this could be a big problem... although unlikely for most people, I don't know if it can be guaranteed that two drives will always have unique identifiers from the manufacturer. Even if they did, how can we be assured the algorithm used to generate the registry key will always return a unique value unless it's a GUID?


    Just speculation at this point since I don’t know any better….


    **Update 2**

    I've resigned myself to having to purchase another hard disk to get the data moved off this pair of drives. Here's the million dollar question. I see that these two "paired" drives are being accessed at the same time... or at least they are both busy doing something. That is the drive outside the storage pool and the one in the storage pool drive lights are blinking like crazy. Assuming I add a new drive to the storage pool and then go to remove the drive that is currently in the storage pool, will all the data be moved? Or is there a chance that there is data actually being written to the drive outside the storage pool since it may have the same drive identifier? From looking at the windows disk mgmt console there's definitly data on both of these drives.




    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 9:08 PM