Seriously need assistance... receiving "Backup cannot continue..." error for months :( RRS feed

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    First off, I am on Windows Vista Home Premium.
    I have yet to have a successful scheduled backup with my Windows Live One Care. When I first set everything up to my new (back in November of 2008) 500GB Buffalo external hard drive (USB), it performed 1 full backup successfully.

    Since then, I cannot get the backup to work.
    It stalls at 2%, and gives the error: "Backup cannot continue because the backup location is no longer available. Make sure the device is connected and you have read/write permissions for the backup folders on the device."

    I admit, I am not too novice on setting up permissions and such. But I have made several attempts at making sure the folders were allowed full control by my user name, the administrator (one in the same I assume) and the Windows Live one Care.

    I don't know what else to do... I can add files to my external drive with no problem. But Windows Live One Care makes its own folder, and that I believe is where the issue is for writing future backups to.... (a guess).

    Does Windows Live apply its own firewall against its own folders? Is there a permission somewhere that should be effective?

    Any assistance with this would be MUCH appreciated... have spent boo-koo hours on this and have not accomplished anything.

    Thanks a BUNCH in advance,

    Sunday, February 1, 2009 7:12 AM