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  • I tried to call in to arrange to return my Microsoft band and cover for the band.. after 20-30 min of what is your email? my email address is "this"!  I asked to talk to a manager and the 'manager' took the call after like 15 min wait, and proceeded to ask me why I was returning my KINDLE!?!  I asked him if he had the right person as I was calling about a MS Band not a Kindle.. he says.. your not so and so with credit card "HE SAID THE WHOLE CC #!" and then hung up on me because he knew I was about to ask him his name!

    I called back to finish my process of returning my band and cover and pow! stuck at what is your email address again!?  holy cow this was frustrating... so the 3rd person I talked to could not for the life of her understand my email (it has an underscore and she thought that mean not to use the @ symbol) .. we could not resolve her misunderstanding of how email works so I asked to be transferred and was hung up on again.

    After all this, I logged into my email.. went to MS dot com and clicked on my order history.. after that it was LITERALLY ONE CLICK to request the return labels.. don't know why I didn't try that first, but DANG!!! the customer support was falling down and all I had to do was point and click to get what I wanted.. literally like 10 seconds.

    if it only takes you 10 seconds to do it yourself; why does it take almost an hour for the people paid to help you with this to accomplish absolutely nothing.. heck they didn't even ask me to try the accounts page .. they just kept putting me on hold and asking me to verify my email.. the email never changed, but not a single rep could get it .. I'm not sure why its not hard at all. 

    ITS MY (NOT HUMBLE) OPINION THAT MS CUST SVC IS PURPOSELY OBTUSE.. hoping you give up and just chuck your expensive MS products in the closet.

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015 6:51 PM