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  • As I slowly build the WHS server, I'm finding a few little things folks have probably noticed already.  When you first log into the WHS server a page appears that requests that you read the "Release Documentation" - the server will quickly connect me to the web and brings me to the download page.  Doesn't seem to matter if you "Open" or "Save" the file the result is the same, when you try and open the file an error messge states: "Unable to load graphics conversion filter.  Continue with document conversion? and you're finished.


    It says it is a Word Pad file, Word Pad is one of the programs in WHS, but the two don't seem to communicate.  I guess I could load MS Works....




    One other little thing - I still have the mouse, keyboard and monitor connected (I'm still configuring my RAID1 array) and sometimes when you leave the system - sometimes over night - it doesn't to into screen saver and doesn't require a password login.  Is something going on that I can't see? 



    Friday, April 4, 2008 10:18 PM


  • That was an easy one!!  I found an old copy of Microsoft Works 2002 and loaded Word - it opens the file like a champ.



    Friday, April 4, 2008 11:44 PM