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  • Hi,

    I have been working to get the COM+ applications to go down automatically after the Recycling criteria's are met. I have set the Lifetime limit to 1 minute. So, the COM+ applications should go down after 1 minute if no client is talking and no resources are held.

    Now, Consider two COM+ applications MYCOM1 and MYCOM2. These have one COM Method. The Transaction Support of both these COM+ applications is set to "Requires New".

    In the Constructor of MYCOM1, I am creating a instance of the other COM MYCOM2. I also have a c# exe which creats an instance of the MYCOM1. So, when the exe is run MYCOM1 starts which inturn starts MYCOM2. Now, after 1 minute, both MYCOM1 and MYCOM2 COM+ applications are going down.

    But, now copy the code which is present in the constructor of the MYCOM1 ( which invokes the MYCOM2 ) and put the same code in the COM Method of MYCOM1. Now, start the exe, this time the COM+ applications won't go down.

    So, same piece of logic in the constructor is making the COM applications to go down but not in the COM method.

    I am bit confused about this. I don't want to create othe COM instancts always in the constructor, I should be able to create them anywhere and the get recycling working.

    Is ther any explanation for this behavior?

    Also, to note is , if the Transaction Support of the COM+ application is set to "Supported", then no matter where the invocation code is, the COM+ recycles successfully.

    Saturday, November 7, 2009 10:56 AM