Genuine? Toshiba laptop windows bundling RRS feed

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  • I bought a Toshiba Satellite PC from a big name retailer in Sydney.  These PCs are ONLY sold with Windows preinstalled and without supplying the windows CD.  Despite having latest updates & antivirus software, etc, because of security vulnerabilities in Windows the system became infected & I needed to wipe my system clean and start again.  A procedure was meant to reformat & automatically reinstall Windows without the need for CDs but this didn't work.  An acquaintance got my system up and running.  No idea if he used a non-genuine windows CD, but that's a red herring because I paid for windows as a bundled part of the original laptop purchase.  Now I get a message saying my version of Windows is not Genuine!  Presumably this disqualifies me from updates and further exposes me security-wise.

    Given that my Toshiba Satellite PC simply isn't sold without windows preinstalled, I don't see why I should have to pay again for another copy of Windows.

    Also, to post to this forum I needed to sign up for Microsoft Passport Network which requires me to expose myself to liability for payment for someone else's goods and services if someone breaks my password.  (point 5 of the agreement).  I only wanted to post to a forum, not perform financial transactions, so why do I need to be exposed to financial loss to do this?

    Apart from moving to Linux, is there a way forward without paying twice for the one Windows product, especially when flaws (vulnerabilities) in that product led to my problem  in the first place and wasted significant amounts of my time.

    Can you help me please?

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006 8:48 AM