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  • Hoping someone can help me.  Have noticed the remote connection becomming very sluggish over the last couple of months - getting to the shared folders on WHS is fine.  After reading many posts I decided to try a server restore.  This goes well until the final reboot (after about 50mins - up until this time I can ping the server, after it reboots I cannot ping). 

    Once the WHS wants to install the connector software on my XP laptop it fails saying it cannot see the server (even if you search manually and type in the temporary machine name that the WHS is given it cannot locate the server) 

    Nothing has changed on my laptop or with my DLink router.  I cant understand how the laptop sees the server to do the restore but then fails on installing the connector software to my laptop.  Firewall is turned off on laptop and router.

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    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 5:43 PM


  • Hi,
    could be, that the server reinstall is still not finished - since a part is taken by rebuilding the tombstones. With a lot of data this can take up several hours.

    What is it for a server - a self made or a OEM machine?

    Could it be, that you have entered a fixed address for your server (which is no longer valid) in the hosts file, or that a faulty IP configuration on the client tries to resolve the server name outside of the home network? (This can happen, if the DNS server of the ISP is used directly by the client, of if DNS suffixes are attached by the DHCP server in the router to each local name.) The command ipconfig /all should show more details here.

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    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 9:25 PM