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  • The tool is obviously not nearly ready to use on large scale marketing sites like microsofts product pages. I was trying to get some info about the differences in different visual studio 2010 editions and it's basically impossible to do with the annoying translation tool.

    for example, it translates "trial" (as in download the trial) = to "legal trial" when translating to swedish... (download the visual studio 2010 legal trial). and the grammar is just awful and makes longer texts impossible to read, it translates technical terms that are not supposted to be translated etc etc etc.

    is this something microsoft wants blasted up as the first thing you see when visiting the product page? don't you guys have any kind of quality filter between someone getting a "great idea" to publishing it world wide on your web sites?

    and please tell me when that annoying tool is removed or at least has a big red "tur this tool off for the whole site forever"-button. Until then I will turn to other sources than microsoft.com to get my info about microsoft products.

    Monday, October 10, 2011 8:45 AM

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  • Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for your comments. Can you point out which product pages and the URLs where you are seeing this behavior?

    Typically Microsoft teams tend to rely on machine translation in situations where it adds some value over not offering any translation, and allows users who otherwise would never have had an opportunity to understand anything at all on the page to understand the gist. Most often they also do not make the use of this technology mandatory, it's usually offered as an option to try rather than the default. Machine Translation is, as you might know, quite challenging to get right in all contexts, and we work very hard to continually improve the quality for all types of content. We also offer the collaborative translation features within our technology, which allow passionate users such as you to help us (and the page owners) correct any mistakes that the technology might make.

    Our apologies that you found the technology to be annoying, and we take our user feedback very seriously - and continue to improve it. Please let us know of any other comments you might have about how we could improve this experience. You can email us at mtcont@microsoft.com.

    thank you,

    Microsoft Translator team

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 5:41 AM