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  • Okay, so i don't know if this is the right place to post this but i am having a problem. I just got my brothers old custom desktop as he got a lap top a while ago and i planned on taking my harddives from my compq presario and putting them in that computer and also add my 1gb of ram to his 512mb to make 1.5gb, basically just upgrade my computer with all of his stuff and an extra hard drive for some space Smile. My plan was to have my harddrives as the Master then the other one as slave (like it was before in my old computer) and then Master hard drive turn into another slave. So i made sure the computer worked without my hard drives in and his hard drive as the only one in there and it worked fine. then i added mine to it which are IDE and set the jumpers so that my first one was master then my second one was the first slave, and this is where the first problem occured. His hard drive used a sata cable so i didnt know how to set it as a slave drive. so i plugged it in anyway and then started the comp. it worked fine except it thought the sata drive ( my brothers) was the master and my other two were slaves. So i tried unplugging his and just using my original two just like it was in my old computer and it just wouldn't start! it got to the part where it says windows and has the loading bar with the 3 little blue squares going by and then just restarted. I tried it again about 5 times, unplugged the drives and put them back in then after several failed attempts i had no idea what was wrong with it. So i just put the sata drive back in and now im just workin with it like that (but i would rather not have to as i cant access all the things that were in my documents and desktop ( there might be a way but as of right now i do not know it.) so about an hour later my brother came in the room with the disc that came with that computer and on the package it said Windows XP for Compaq and HP only. So he thinks the reason my drive wont work on that computer is that since the computer that it was installed on was a compaw presario, and this one was just a custom computer thats why it wont runas the master drive. I have no other ideas to why it wont work, but im more worried about the fact that the drive wont act as the master even without the sata one in more than i am worrying about how to make the sata act as a slave drive because even if i do that first it still wont work until i solver the first problem. But if anyone knows the answer to any of these problems please reply or email me at spencen16@hotmail.com
    Monday, March 24, 2008 3:26 AM


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