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  • I have been using Synctoy v1.x for quite a while now and generally I think it is brilliant. Features that I like are that it can handle large numbers of files, the preview is invaluable and the "backup" being openable files in a folder setup rather than some kind of binary megafile which has to be unpacked in some way.


    However there are a few things that have been missing in v1.x and which I was expecting to see in v2.0 but are not there. Firstly, would it be possible to have a date format in Preview which is either configurable or at least reflects the settings in Regional Options. I am British and use the dd/mm/yy format that is most common in Europe. Last modified dates are critical for deciding whether to exclude files in a sync.


    Secondly, the windows for including and excluding subfolders in a sync are way too small. I have maybe forty or fifty folders and subfolders that I back up. To find one that I want to exclude can be very painful. Why not have the sub-folder name only rather than the whole hierarchy (eg c:\folder\subfolder\subsubfolder) for every subfolder line? That is how it is in Windows Explorer and works well. Hovering does help but it is easy to make mistakes.


    Thirdly, it would be really helpful if the preview could report the actual increase or decrease in the storage on the target folder. What you get is the individual files sizes and the total amount of data that will be transferred (which is very important) but the increase will be less than this because files are being replaced. If I am backing up to a USB memory stick with limited space and lots of large files already on it, the change in storage will be the new files, the difference between the sizes of the files being updated, less any deletions. This could be calculated by Synctoy more easily than by the human operating it. And it would tell me how much space I need to have on the target. In fact, Synctoy could calculate whether I have enough space and tell me.


    I was a bit disappointed to see that you had removed two of the sync actions have not made it into v2.0. Contribute was very useful because it enabled me to sync part of a folder ie Synctoy ignored changes to files that were not in the target folder. But I can probably live with this. I dream of the day when Synctoy will be fully configurable and will allow the user to create their own actions by selecting the options they want.


    All of this said, I think Synctoy is a great piece of software. In fact my last request is that you drop the "toy". When I tell other people about it, they react to the name. They want something that robust not a toy. And it is not a toy. It is a very sophisticated and highly user-friendly piece of software.


    Many thanks


    Monday, April 21, 2008 8:44 PM


  • Hi VC,


    Thanks for all the great suggestions, I have added them to our list for review.




    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 5:19 PM