Multiple queues in Windows Job Submission RRS feed

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  • Dear Group,
    I am using a large cluster with Windows 2003 Server. We need to implement a complex queuing solution, consisting of multiple queues feeding into a single queue. I am not sure if this can be easily done. (My Linux colleague assures me that you can have placeholder queues in PBS/Torgque).  Is there a way a straightfoward way to do this using the windows job submission system? Basically I want each user of our system to have their own FIFO queue (so that each user only gets 1 job at time processed) and then lots of users in a single FIFI queue (so each user gets treated equally). The reason for this is to stop one user dominating the system with mulitple jobs.

    Even though tasks can be made to wait on other tasks, I think that the only way to implement this system is to have a complex program that waits to see if a job is ready to run. And then  have the main task wait on this program.
    Much thanks.
    Simon Michnowicz
    Ludwig Insitute of Cancer Research
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:11 AM


  • Sadly, there's no easy way of doing this today.  You might consider using Submission Filters to plug-in a sligthly differnet custom solution; for example you can set the priority of an incoming job to be very low if that user already has a running job, or very high if they do not.

    We hope to provide some functionality like this in a future release.


    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:12 PM