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  • Firstly, try uninstalling Grammarly as it is not compatible with many forums and result in the unreadable mess you see.

    Secondly, I am sorry from what I read in the title, but these forums are for developer  and product support.

    You will not and cannot get any official help here, for such an issue.

    Microsoft sell software, services and devices, but they are not responsible for what happens to it after. Just as you cannot blame anyone if you do not fit secure locks to your home. If you have or are prepared to pay for official support, you can search and find official support options. Do NOT accept the services of any cold callers or services other than main Microsoft support.

    Good luck,


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    Sunday, November 3, 2019 7:18 PM
  • I think someone has comprimised my microsoft accout help

    Something here may help.

    or you can also chat or email microsoft account support using the links at page bottom. 



    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows Server] Datacenter Management

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    Sunday, November 3, 2019 9:36 PM