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  • Hi,


    These are (as far as I am concerned) the remaining problems with OneCare 2 :


    Activation = first degree problem

    • The fact that I have to go through a french web page for the activation - I live in France, but I am not french - I just want to subscribe in English (or in Dutch which is my native tongue).
    • The fact that a billing account is setup for me in french if I buy a subscription (that is why I resigned my version 1.5 subscription).
    • I hope that this will change before the end of the 2.0 beta, otherwise I will not buy a subscription this time either.

    Backup = second degree problem

    • The fact that it is impossible to backup files to a second hard disk.
    • It can be done in Windows Vista which is considered to be a very secure system - If it can't be done with OneCare then this is a major inconsitency and a unnecessary ignoration of user needs.
    • The workaround via a "shared disk" (or whatever) is too complicated for the "low end user" for which OneCare is intended. A non-tech user is not going to play with "disk sharing" or whatsoever.
    • This is reason N°2 why I will most probably never buy a license.

    Tune-up problems & shortcomings = third degree problems

    • The fact that "Remove unnecessary files" is still not working - it is unacceptable that nothing has been done about this problem so far - But let's hope that "the team" comes to it's sences some day.
    • The fact that I cannot select hard disks that should not be defraged during scheduled Tune-ups.
    • The fact that there is (almost always) something going wrong during the defrag part of the Tune-up - Also this is a plague that takes too much time to to find a solution.
    • Appart from that, the Tune-up is reasonably fast & not too obstrusive - It does not hamper me too much in doing the task that I am busy with.







    Saturday, August 18, 2007 4:48 PM

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  • Thanks very much for the great list, MS-Adict.

    I know about the Activation issue and I would be happy if it went away, too, since it causes much confusion.

    I don't think we'll see the backup issue changed from the current workaround, but we can hope, I suppose.

    The tune-up issues are indeed problematic and need to be fixed soon. Hopefully they will be completely fixed before too long without introducing new issues!




    Monday, August 20, 2007 1:41 AM